6 May 2013

GUEST BLOG: Well raised

By guest blogger KIM IRWIN

Friday saw us return to St Margaret's for another installment in our collaborative breadmaking project with the DEP. This week Rob showed the now expert bakers how to master rye bread and garlic naan in a pan, which went very well with the delicious sweet and sour Mumbai lentil dhal he also got the participants to knock up!

We were off to a flying start with both the dough batches quickly mixed. A combination of flours was used for the rye bread as it takes time to rise due to its lower gluten content. Next, garlic paste was mashed for the naan bread and added after some yoghurt was gently warmed and folded into the dough. Both batches were soon rising nicely in the warmest spot in the room: on top of the radiator!

At this point we enjoyed a nice cup of tea and the delicious wares that some of the bakers had rustled up at home and brought in to share. Mini pizzas using Robs recipe from a the pizza session were lip-smackingly good, followed by pistachio cake and mini muffin lollipops! Wow, what a feast we had.

By the time we had finished stuffing ourselves, the doughs had risen nicely so we shaped the rye loaves and popped them in the oven. Next up, the naans were rolled out into inch-thick pillows and fryed in a little sunflower oil until golden  on both sides and deliciously airy, and they tasted mouthwateringly good with the Mumbai dhal. And just at the right time, the rye bread finished baking in the oven ready for everyone to take home their very own artisan-style boule. Another great session was had by all!

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