21 May 2013

GUEST BLOG: Pancake day

By guest blogger TRACEY

We ran a really enjoyable session on Saturday 18 May in Chorlton Precinct. Passers-by were invited to take part in a free cooking workshop, which we organised in conjunction with Manchester City Council. Those who took part began by beating a flavoursome batter - made from gram flour and water with the addition of garlic and finely chopped chilli - into a savoury pancake mix. Fresh coriander was then chopped and sprinkled into the batter, enhancing both the colour and the fragrance. 

The participants were offered two choices with which to stuff their pancakes. The first was refried borlotti beans and a spicy salsa, which I think amazed and delighted them because these ordinary-looking beans created such a strong appetising taste when mixed with cumin, paprika, chilli powder and lime juice. The alternative stuffing was sautéed mushrooms with a garlic paste and a tablespoon of fresh parsley. The mouth-watering aromas caused the depth of the crowd to double very quickly and once everyone had sampled the delicious pancake, they were adamant that they would be trying this cheap, nutritious gluten- and wheat-free, vegan dish again at home. And who can blame them - just look at this...

We were lucky to be joined by Stuart Bowman who ran a ‘sowing seeds’ workshop, and children and adults alike sowed a variety of seeds: basil, cress, beans, lettuce and many more. His participants were also made aware of the importance of composting and were all lucky to leave with potted seeds to reap the benefits of their efforts later on in the year. Thanks to Stuart, our volunteers and cooks - they made this a really enjoyable and tasty afternoon, despite the weather!

There are lots of great photos from this event on the Cracking Good Food Facebook page - be sure to pay a visit and "like"!

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