26 September 2012

Roll with it

On Saturday 15 September, cooking leader Kim shared her secrets of cooking Japanese cuisine, the delicious results of which can be seen here, and on our Facebook page.

We asked the participants on the course to tell us which aspects of the event they found particularly interesting or useful, and this is what they said...

'Making sushi, new tastes and combinations of ingredients in a new way' - Fiona
'The technique and the background about the food, ie country, reason for ingredients, tips...' - Fabienne
'Sushi rolling! It's really tricky and something I will be trying to improve at home' - Claire
'The use of Oriental seasonings' - Steven
'I found the whole course interesting and using new techniques and flavours' - Simon
'The technique to roll the nori using the mat' - Sonia
'Learning about new flavours and ingredients. How much can be achieved from so few ingredients' - Andrea
'Very good cross-cultural method of cooking & the technique of cutting' - Pricilla
'Explanation of umamé flavour, techniques for cooking rice, rolling sushi, new flavouring ingredients - umeboshi, mirin, gomasio' - Liz

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