11 September 2012

GUEST BLOG: Park life

By guest blogger CHARLOTTE ASPINALL. Photograph by ADELE MYERS

Having enjoyed the spring forage with Jesper Launder (pictured) earlier this year, I was looking forward to exploring Chorlton Water Park to see what difference the change in seasons would make for budding late summer foragers.

The weather started out as a somewhat wet and soggy picture, but this worked to our advantage as we headed into the woods for shelter and stumbled upon ‘The Prince’ of mushrooms, which proved to be a delightful addition to our mushroom medley feast. As our spirits lifted, so did the clouds, and we were treated to a perfect bright sunny day.

Next up was a search for our dessert and we weren’t disappointed with an abundance of blackberries, blackcurrents, plums and apples. Sloes were also picked by those wishing to experiment in making a homemade alcoholic treat!

While we didn’t have beef and Yorkshire pudding for our Sunday lunch, we certainly found a perfect accompaniment of horseradish root growing beside the River Mersey (not for the faint-hearted!). 

The smell of nature's presents wafted across the Water Park and there were several longing glances over to our make-shift kitchen from passers-by. Our feast included sautéed mushrooms for main course and our beautiful plump deep purple fruit for afters. All this was finished off with a sample of Jesper’s homemade acorn leaf wine, which was surprisingly pleasant and perfect for sipping in the sunshine!

Our upcoming forages (12 and 26 September) are currently sold out, but keep checking our website for cancellations and for details of courses we will be running with Jesper in the future.

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