9 February 2012

GUEST BLOG: Currying on

By guest blogger TRACEY

Harjinder again delivered an all-encompassing cooking experience with here veggie Punjabi cookery session on Saturday. The group was welcomed into the room with some ‘mildly energetic’ bhangra music playing in the background, getting everyone in the mood for a spicy feast. The wonderful aromas of coriander, chillies, cardamon, ginger, garam masala and many many more wafted through the corridors of Chorlton High School while the taste sensation of saag paneer, tarka dhal, puris, aubergine and potato pakorah delighted all!

Not one of the senses went untouched as Harjinder told us of how her mother and grandmother used a brick to graze coriander seeds thus doubling the crop when seeded, she showed us how your own hand can be used as a measuring cup and how the claw-hand is the best tool when kneading in a bowl! The group members were quite adept at using the special puri press, applying much pressure to ensure they achieved an evenly flat good sized puri. But best of all was seeing the wonderful creations achieved in a fairly short space of time - take a look at the pictures on the CGF Facebook page here.


Anonymous said...

That's me in the photo - an action shot! It was a great session - Harjinder is so engaging in her approach to cooking, her family history and the story of Punjabi food. I learned a lot - like how not to be frightened of a wok half full of sizzling hot oil! And the meal was delicious. My wife really enjoyed the takeaway pakoras, so I'll be back for more...

Nick Peake

PS Not sure what the "select profile" means ... hope it tells me somewhere on a Help page???

Cracking Cooks said...

Hi Nick, really glad you enjoyed the session and are going to have a bash at recreating the dishes at home! Best wishes, CGF

(BTW, we think "select profile" is if you have a Google blog, or Wordpress blog, etc. If you do, and you selected the one you wanted, it would say your name instead of saying Anonymous on your comment. Hope that makes sense!)

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