19 July 2011

GUEST BLOG: Out and about

By guest blogger SARAH FANTHORPE

Southway Housing has kindly funded another three cooking sessions and we held our first one on The Lost Plot Community Allotment, which is run by Action For Sustainable Living (AfSL).

Under a stormy sky, we prepared the pizza dough and left it to rise in the poly- tunnel. We then created a simple tomato sauce. Maz demonstrated her dough-throwing techniques and we handpicked our toppings from a selection of the vegetables growing on the plot. The pizzas were then baked in the special clay oven, which was expertly managed by Paul (a member of The Lost Plot.)

Here are some quotes from the people who took part from Nell Lane Estate.

“It’s amazing how these sessions have brought everyone together."
Mal, Nell Lane Resident of 30 years

“Loved the community feel and the fact that it was outdoors.”
Bridget, dance teacher at Chorlton High School

“Picking and cooking spring onions straight from the ground was my daughter's favourite part of the day.”
Samantha, a recent tenant of Southway Housing and mother to Isabella, aged four

You can see more photos from this event on our Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

Sounds great - it has inspired me to cook proper pizza with my kids!

Cracking Cooks said...

Thanks for your comment - that's great news! Cooking from scratch is so much fun and so cheap - and it's loads tastier than shop-bought stuff too! Good luck with the pizza-making, CGF

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