25 March 2011

GUEST BLOG: Perfect patties

By guest blogger SARAH FANTHORPE

Residents of Arrowfield Estate met for the last time (pending further funding hopefully) at Buckthorn House on Tuesday evening.

In this, the 11th session part-funded by Action For Sustainable Living, we created healthy mackerel fishcakes and two types of delicious veggie burgers. Richard, our chef (pictured), was able to explain the nutritional value of all the ingredients, and the goodness of omega 3s found in tinned fish. Mal, Evelyn, Teresa and Janice busily prepared the vegetables while Britney (aged seven) and Isabella (aged five) peeled and stired. We then ate together and there was a satisfying silence as we took in the various flavours of fresh parsley, courgettes and oodles of garlic. Fingers crossed for more cooking sessions soon, perhaps at the Lost Plot community allotment.

And below is the Cracking Good Food cooking equipment, being taken from our store to the session at Buckthorn House by Jeff of new pedal-powered delivery service E-cycle. For full details on E-cycle, call Jeff on 07738 039888 or email chorlton.ecycle@gmail.com.

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