22 April 2013

GUEST BLOG: Wok's cooking?

By guest blogger TRACEY

Met a great bunch of lads at the Approved Premises on Wednesday 17 April for our fifth round of six cooking sessions there. Kim led the session, and thanks to her instructions and guidance, the guys delivered an authentic-looking (and tasting!) Chinese stir-fry with sweet and sour sauce. The guys set to work using their newly acquired knife skills and knowledge of how to handle the vegetables, peeling, chopping and slicing carrots, broccoli, peppers, onions, spring onions, mushrooms and courgettes.

Kim drew their attention to the ‘holy trinity’ of Chinese cuisine: chilli gives the heat, garlic releases flavour and ginger lets a zesty aroma run wild through the dish. Together with the crunchy vegetables, you have a party on your tongue... to quote one of the participants! Throughout the session, Kim highlighted the health benefits of the ingredients, so the guys knew they were going to be feasting on a nutritious as well as cheap and quick meal. A flavoursome and balanced sweet and sour sauce was made using pineapple chunks, soy sauce, wine vinegar and tomato puree, while the spring onions and soy sauce were mixed into the egg-fried rice. The result was enjoyed by all and not a grain of rice was left!

You can see more photographs from this community session on the CGF Facebook page.

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