12 November 2012

GUEST BLOG: Well bread

By guest blogger SIOBHAN

CGF hosted a Bread for Beginners session at the Salvation Army building in Ardwick on Friday 26 October, with five people taking part. The aim was for them to then go and share their newly learned skills by either demonstrating bread- and naan-making to their client group or to help run a session where their clients could learn to bake bread and naan themselves. 

Rob’s enthusiasm rubbed off on the group which made it a very enjoyable, relaxed, fun, inspiring few hours, full of top tips and information from his many years as a bread maker. We all sat down together at the end to enjoy the hot garlic yoghurt naan bread with cheese and red pepper hummous – what a feast, it was difficult to stop eating!  

The participants took their freshly baked loaves of bread home to enjoy, along with recipe sheets and instructions to help them in the future and pass on what they had learned to others.

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