19 January 2012

Stir-fries for success

Stir-fries were the order of the day for the members of the Skills For Success training programme at Chorlton Community Centre on 18 January. Participants were introduced to two easy and tasty veggie stir-fry dishes courtesy of Kim and Elizabeth: one a basic stir-fry comprising that classic spice triumvirate of ginger, chillies and garlic; the other with a Thai twist of coconut milk, cumin, coriander and Nam Pla, or Thai fish sauce.

Participants were shown how to make the most of seasonality when it comes to stir-fry veg: kale tops, for example, only need a minute or two to wilt in the pan before they are lovely and tender. Beansprouts and carrot sticks add crunch, while spring onions should be added at the end to prevent them going soggy. Throw in a handful of freshly-chopped coriander and a good fistful of crushed toasted cashews, and there it is, a tasty meal made in minutes.

You can see more photographs from this session on the Cracking Good Food Facebook page.

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