15 December 2011

GUEST BLOG: A good grilling

By guest blogger JULIET LAWSON

We’ve just completed our second course of six sessions at the Angel Centre in Salford in conjunction with Social adVentures, and I was the cooking leader for the burgers and wedges class. We made delicious burgers from lean minced steak, smoked paprika seasoned wedges and a Mexican salsa, and served it all up with a green salad. We had a veggie among our ranks, so we also made a tasty spicy sweet potato and kidney bean version of the burger which everyone agreed was also very tasty.

We had a great session, although I’m clearly not much of an expert with a George Foreman ‘lean mean grilling machine’ and I think we overdid the burgers a bit! I’ll know for next time!

It was a really successful session though: we looked at cheap shop-bought frozen burgers - the ingredients, the fat content, the meat content and what that actually means, the additives - and we did a taste test. Everyone agreed that the homemade ones were so much nicer, and they were so much healthier too, and hardly any more expensive to make, which was the clincher!

The smoked paprika wedges went down a storm. The frozen chips we compared them to were clearly not even in the game.

And the salsa was also a big hit, and so cheap and easy to make and full of healthy stuff. Everyone agreed that it was far nicer than the salsa you can buy in the supermarket, and more of it for a fraction of the price. Apart from a bit of fresh coriander, which you don’t have to put in anyway, it’s all stuff you’ve probably got in your cupboard.

So all in all, we ate well and had a lovely evening. Here’s to the next one when we will cook the burgers to perfection!

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