10 October 2011

GUEST BLOG: Feeling chilli

By guest blogger TRACEY

What a menu! Cooking leader Alison created a trio of treats for our Mexican-themed night for the last session out of four at Didsbury Sure Start Centre on Thursday 6 October.

I think all our dreams came true when we started by whipping up a five-ingredient vegan chocolate and chilli mousse (tofu, cocoa, vanilla extract, chilli, date syrup): the result, a sumptuous, velvety melt-in-the-mouth mousse that could be made sweeter and naughtier by an extra dollop of date syrup!

We then made tomato and onion salsa, which had the chilli chipotle (see picture with Priscilla) to give a full-throttle kick! Re-fried beans were made using aduki and http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifpinto beans; they were ‘effortlessly’ mashed, then added to the mix were chopped red onions and garlic, then the whole lot was fried. Fresh coriander was chopped and sprinkled in at the end, adding some much needed colour!

Our meal was garnished with lime then the salsa and refried beans were put to bed inside a corn tortilla. The result was tasty, delicious and authentic, although one thing was missing... tequila!

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