26 August 2011

New community programme: Social adVentures

Kim from Islington Mill Cafe kicked off our new collaborative six-week programme with Social adVentures based at the Angel Centre in Salford on Thursday 18 August, then ran a second session at the Angel Cafe a week later on 25 August. Kim's first session, one of the local estates, involved cooking up a stirfry outside. This spectacle never fails to impress and everything got off to a great start.

Social adVentures is an exciting social enterprise jointly owned by service users, employees and local Salford people. Social adVentures aims to support all local people to lead happier and healthier lives; they define happiness as enjoyment of a full and meaningful life and health as a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing. Social adVentures has three centres - the Angel Centre, The Creative Media Centre and Garden Need - all of which provide a massive range of activities, courses and events all year round.

Cracking Good Food are collaborating with Social adVentures, who are preparing to run a social prescribing scheme to get people into activities to improve their health and happiness. People attending would be referred from their GP, Social Prescribing Navigator or by self-referral. Our healthy cookery sessions with Social adVentures aim to bring positive change to the local community.

Cracking Cook Kim Irwin will be running these weekly courses with members of the local community for the next four weeks. For more information see the Social adVentures website or contact simone@socialadventures.org.uk.

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