17 June 2011

GUEST BLOG: On a roll

By guest blogger JULIET LAWSON

Well, I’ve just finished having one of my very own bread rolls for breakfast that I made at last night’s Breadmaking for Beginners session. Delicious!

What a great session! Rob is an inspiring teacher and he taught us all the really important things that you need to know about breadmaking, that you just don’t really get from a recipe. We learnt all about yeast and wheat and gluten and temperatures and consistencies. He made it all really straightforward while at the same time making sure that we understood that there is no substitute for good old experience, and that this is just the start of our breadmaking journey.

First of all, we each made a big bowl of a basic brown bread dough. Rob had brought a variety of brown flours to use in the mix and we also had different types of yeast to try. We all made our own - it’s the only way to learn, so that you know exactly what consistency you’re aiming for. Rob scooted round the room helping everyone out so that we were all confident that we’d got the right consistency. Then we did kneading and dividing up into whatever we wanted to make. I made a loaf, a plait and a half dozen rolls. While that was rising, we then worked in pairs, rustling up a garlic naan bread mix, using gorgeous fresh garlic and soya yoghurt.

Then into the ovens with our main breads, and once it had risen, into the pan with the naan breads! The smell of baking bread and garlic naan was heavenly.

At the end of the session, we brought our naan breads to the main table and had a well-earned munch, along with a selection of hummous that Rob had brought along with him. And then after the clean-up, we all went on our way with enough bread for a week! And what’s more important, the confidence to make some more when it’s all gone!

I think tonight I’m going to make a massaman curry to go with those naan breads... mmmm.

Some comments from other people taking part...

'Tried to think of something to improve, but I think this is the perfect
beginners course .' Chris Hirst

'It was great finding out how easy breadmaking is and Rob was very enthusiastic and entertaining!.' Hannah Niblett

'I really enjoyed the session! Can’t believe we got to make so much bread, and also of different types. Rob was a great tutor.' Sophie Cunningham

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