26 October 2009

Cooks On The Hop, October 2009

Despite it being a cold and windy October day, plenty of people gathered round to watch (and help!) us erect our gazebo in Darley Avenue. Laughing at the oddness of the activity, we battled on and eventually managed to perfect a sheltered cooking spot for our first attempt at Cooks On The Hop, when Cracking Good Food goes out and about into the local community to put on a cooking demo.

Seeing Kim throwing matchstick-thin carrots and leeks into a wok sizzling with hot chilli paste, passers-by were at our side like a shot eager to try some out. Pleased at how good veggie food was, even the teenage lads on bikes helped out with the chopping so they could have seconds.

The buzz of chatter and smells in the air encouraged more and more people to stop by, and soon stories were being swapped about favourite food. Some nice ladies even nipped back home to rustle up dishes to add to the table, including a fantastic coleslaw! It was almost like a proper old-fashioned street party – all that was missing was the music! Everyone enjoyed themselves so much, we promised to return to repeat it, and we will...

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